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  Upon completing this module, you will understand what an impact assessment is and when you have to do one.  What’s the extent of the security measures an organisation is expected to take to protect data? Read More


Don’t Let Imposters In with Bob's Protected Premises Module   “Hi Bertie, nice to meet you. You say you just started a job in IT here?” Don’t worry, Bertie isn’t real. He’s just a fictional trespasser on your company’s property. We made him up to show you how easy it might be for somebody to gain unauthorised access to a restricted area like your office. But if Bertie was real, and if he did manage to convince you he was a new colleague… how quickly do you think he’d be able to access your company’s confidential information? Your workplace should be treated like a castle, and it’s important you understand the real risks of letting the wrong person just walk right in. And that’s why this month’s module is Protected Premises. Read More


Make Smarter Decisions with Bob's Risk Management Module   If you want to be rich, powerful or successful, you’re going to have to take a few risks. But that doesn’t mean you should mortgage your house, withdraw your bank balance and head to the nearest casino… you see, success is defined by how we manage risks – i.e. how we weigh up possible benefits against possible setbacks to make smarter decisions. And at work, you’re presented with ‘risk’ decisions every day – decisions that could result in landing a new client; decisions that might just stop something really bad from happening; decisions that control how much damage a big issue causes. But you can start making smarter decisions right now, by taking a chance on this month’s module: Risk Management. Read More


Learn How To Print Securely with Bob's Secure Printing Module Imagine printing off a confidential document to reach the printer and see that it is gone. DISASTER! Often it's overlooked just how important it is to take precautions when you are printing and faxing sensitive information, but the risk of information being leaked that could potentially damage your reputation is very, very real. That’s why our Module of the Month is: Secure Printing. Read More


Social engineers know how to get the better of people - make sure you stay one step ahead. These criminals go the extra length to steal your sensitive data. Learn how to spot the signs and patterns in social engineering with this bundle. Modules included in this bundle: Phishing Fears Mobile Working Protected Premises Identity Theft Read More


Learn How To Stay Safe on Social Media with Bob's Social Media Module   Right now, social media is integral to how modern businesses are run. It can be an invaluable tool if used in the right way. However, as helpful as it can be, it can also be just rather damaging if not used right. In Bob’s Social Media Module, you can make sure there are no slip ups online with your Social Media Use! Read More

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