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Welcome to Bob's Cyber Security eLearning Store! We aim to change workforce behaviour through memorable messages in engaging & entertaining ways, effortlessly resulting in a secure culture both at work and at home.

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Protecting privacy with this Bob's CCTV Module   A good surveillance system can mean the difference between your organisation being protected from crime and a crafty fellow like Damian breaking in and stealing confidential information and even some expensive hardware! Read More

Begin your Cyber Security journey with our Cyber Security Bundle. Join Bob and his team as they guide you through the basics in safeguarding your information. For a bargain price of £59.00 can create true behavioural change within your organisation. Modules included in this bundle: Backing Up Data Data Protection Email Etiquette Identity Theft Keeping It Clear Mobile Working Perfect Passwords Phishing Fears Protected Premises Secure Printing Virus Vigilance Web Woes Read More

  The phrase ‘data breach’ sounds scary. But if you’ve put all the relevant GDPR processes in place, then there is little need to worry as they should be few and far between. This module covers, what a personal data breach is, when should you declare a breach, what you should include and the sanctions which you could face for noncompliance with GDPR.   Read More

Handle Information Safely with Bob's Data Protection Module As you know, breaching the Data Protection Act can have devastating consequences. But if you don’t know the ins and outs of handling data safely, you could be at risk without even knowing it. Don’t worry though, you can double-check you’re up to speed with this month’s module: Data Protection Read More

    Some organisations need to hire a Data Protection Officer under GDPR, but what exactly is a DPO?   Within this module, we will tell you what a Data Protection Officer is, the role they have within your organisation and how to tell if you need one. Read More

    ‘Data Subjects’ is a term you will hear a lot when it comes to GDPR, but what are they exactly? Within this module, you will learn about the role, rights and obligations that data subjects play under GDPR. Read More

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