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It might seem like common knowledge but you should be using equipment belonging to your organisation in a sensible manner. Bob is here to give you a hand in how to use your email without disclosing sensitive information, how to serve the internet safely, why you should follow a clear desk policy and why you should back up all your data. Modules included in the bundle: Backing Up Data Email Etiquette Keeping It Clear Web Woes Read More


Avoid Emptying Your Bank with Bob's Advanced Fee Frauds Module If somebody in the street promised you a small fortune tomorrow if you’d hand over your bank balance today, would you do it? Of course not. But every day, countless individuals are being duped like this over the internet. And it’s because ‘advance fee frauds’ are getting more believable and harder to detect. Don’t like the thought of letting internet con-artists get their hands on your hard-earned cash? Then buckle up and get ‘street-smart’ with our Advanced Fee Frauds Module. Read More


Make Smarter Decisions, with Bob's Anti Bribery Module   Most of us profess to know what Bribery is, but when asked could you give a definition? Oxford Dictionary defines Bribery as the following: “Dishonestly persuade (someone) to act in one’s favour by a gift of money or other inducement.” After hearing the definition, do you think giving money to speed up a business process is a bribe? How about awarding contracts to those who pay large contributions? Is the offering of a gift abroad a bribe or just part of the culture? Bribery is a difficult problem to contain because it is sometimes hard to differentiate between a bribe and a good natured act. That is why we invite you to journey with us through our Anti Bribery training module Read More


Never Lose Important Files with Bob's Backing Up Data Module Have you ever lost an entire month’s worth of work due to a power-cut, a hardware meltdown or a stolen computer? One minute it was there, and the next… Poof! Everything gone! Frustrating, we know. But backing up your data could have just saved your skin! So if you want to avoid the disaster of losing vital company info (or even important personal files), then you might want to learn some simple, practical advice with our Module Backing up Data. Read More


Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not let Bob assist you with getting up-to-scratch with the basics in information security?  Unsure what malware is? Don't know your passwords from your phishing? Bob's Basics bundle will teach you all your need to know. Modules included in the bundle: Perfect Passwords Virus Vigilance Phishing Fears Web Woes Identity Theft Mobile Working Read More


You Don’t Need a Plan ‘B’ with Bob's Business Continuity Module   If you’re serious about keeping your company’s information safe (which I’m guessing you are?) then it’s important you understand how perfect security planning comes into place. If you understand how a Business Continuity Plan works (and what one is for that matter), then you’re already one step closer to protecting your company’s data, profits and of course your job. Read More

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