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At Bob's Business, we help change workforce behaviour through engaging & entertaining eLearning courses, resulting in a secure culture at work and at home. Browse our courses below or contact us at 0330 058 3009.

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  Many organisations rely on payment cards to conduct transactions and keep their business booming. If they had this right revoked or even suspended then they could suffer tremendously. Therefore, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) outlines some requirements on how to become compliant. Learn how you can protect payment card data that your organisation works with now. Read More

Make Your Password Invincible with Bob's Perfect Passwords Module   A good password is like a good bouncer - the right people get past, the wrong people have to try somewhere else. But, even though your password is often the only thing blocking a whole tidal wave of fraud, mischief and headaches (both for you personally and your organisation), it might shock you to learn that guessing a password is much, much easier than you might think.   Read More

The Internet has become a vital part of most people’s everyday life, both at work and at home. However, just one wrong click, and you can end up spinning into a black hole of digital danger, and sometimes there’s no coming back. Yes, it’s tricky in cyberspace! However, if you know how to check for danger, this can really help secure you and organisation from cyber threats. Read More

    GDPR is the biggest change in Data Protection for a generation, but do you know how it will affect you?   Repealing The Data Protection Act, GDPR makes changes to the way you use, process and store data. While the changes might seem small, they will affect everyone. This module covers Good Practice, Accountability, and the steps you and your organisation can take to compliance and an overview of the principles you need to follow. Read More

It might seem like common knowledge but you should be using equipment belonging to your organisation in a sensible manner. Bob is here to give you a hand in how to use your email without disclosing sensitive information, how to serve the internet safely, why you should follow a clear desk policy and why you should back up all your data. Modules included in the bundle: Backing Up Data Email Etiquette Keeping It Clear Web Woes Read More

Avoid Emptying Your Bank with Bob's Advanced Fee Frauds Module If somebody in the street promised you a small fortune tomorrow if you’d hand over your bank balance today, would you do it? Of course not. But every day, countless individuals are being duped like this over the internet. And it’s because ‘advance fee frauds’ are getting more believable and harder to detect. Don’t like the thought of letting internet con-artists get their hands on your hard-earned cash? Then buckle up and get ‘street-smart’ with our Advanced Fee Frauds Module. Read More

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