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Poorly kept information can quickly become lost or stolen when it is left unattended. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain a clear desk.

Maintaining a clear desk involves correctly storing all information - physical and digital.

Information created, used, stored or transmitted by your organisation is valuable, both internally and externally, which is why ensuring that you maintain a clear desk is vital to keeping your organisation’s information secure.


Stop passing threats by learning:

  1. How to adopt a clear desk policy.

  2. The best way to store important information.

  3. The consequences of not keeping a clear desk.

  4. The importance of locking your computer screen.

Let’s get started and keep it clear!


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Keeping it Clear

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Added over 1 year ago, by Matthew
Added over 2 years ago, by Anonymous
Would be nice to have references to follow up the statistics e.g. to the study of 1000 workers where 57% judge colleagues based on tidiness of desk. Any tips on what to do if you work in an office where many people fail to follow these rules despite being reminded?

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