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Designed to look like reputable organisation’s, cybercriminals are mastering their technique of phishing their victims and obtaining personal information, such as passwords to accounts and even financial details

The best way to stop these cybercriminals is to beat them at their own game. Learn now how to spot phishing attacks and how to correctly report and dispose of them without giving the cybercriminals what they want.


Know how to arm yourself and your organisation against phishing attacks, by learning:

  1. What happens if cybercriminals phish someone in your organisation.

  2. What to watch out for to avoid being caught in a phishing scam.

  3. What cybercriminals do with the information they phish from their victims.

  4. How to prevent cybercriminals from being successful in attacking your organisation in future.

Let’s get started!


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Phishing Fears

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It would be really helpful if the correct answer was displayed when the wrong answer was selected.
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Very To the point and informative.

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