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Don’t Keep Secrets You Shouldn’t with Bob's Freedom of Information Module

Imagine knowing somebody knew something about you, but they refused to tell you what it was? Do you think it would frustrate you?

It’s sometimes hard to keep track of who knows what about you. But when both the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2005 (EIR) were introduced, it became the law for public sector organisations to satisfy requests for information held by public authorities.

Failure to understand or comply with either of these acts could land you in some very hot water… that’s why this month’s module is Freedom of Information.


Know When to Open Your Mouth, by Learning:

  • How to deal with an information request
  • What information can (and cannot) be requested
  • What might happen if you breach these acts

And Remember: Everybody who completes the Module of the Month is in with a chance to win a fantastic Bob Gift, so start handling information requests right, right now.

Freedom of Information - Mark 2
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