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Make Smarter Decisions with Bob's Risk Management Module


If you want to be rich, powerful or successful, you’re going to have to take a few risks. But that doesn’t mean you should mortgage your house, withdraw your bank balance and head to the nearest casino… you see, success is defined by how we manage risks – i.e. how we weigh up possible benefits against possible setbacks to make smarter decisions.

And at work, you’re presented with ‘risk’ decisions every day – decisions that could result in landing a new client; decisions that might just stop something really bad from happening; decisions that control how much damage a big issue causes.

But you can start making smarter decisions right now, by taking a chance on this month’s module: Risk Management.


Improve Your Strategy at Work, by Learning:

  • The four Ts of risk management
  • How to use these effectively at work
  • The benefits of doing it right


Risk Management - Mark 2
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